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Myra Fox your situation is not unique in that it is the question of many small black business owners and the solution to your concerns is intense, extensive, aggressive.....infinite marketing.


Marketing in and of itself cost money and even then those that do proclaim to market your product may only run an ad or by-line here or there for a short time and then you are back where you started but with even less capital after spending it on short term ineffective marketing when what you really need is a friend like me that owns a marketing company that will market your products free of charge and for as long as it takes until your product sells because we don't make money off our friends..


For only $1.00 per day for your infinite ad space we create an ad showcasing your product and we aggressively market your product until infinity and now with piece of mind you can invest in postcards, letters, ads and other avenues of advertising knowing that your investment in printing, mailings, emails and notices won't be obsolete before your intended target base have a chance to read it because you now have the satisfaction that your product is a mainstay, keepsake and is being aggressively marketed by someone you trust enough to call friend and someone that is respected, branded and trusted worldwide and so all you have to do is send them the link, printing, mailings, emails and notices where your product is being featured and showcased.


"ok so where the black jobs??--and i raise my kids to have they own jobs self employment--i make handmade cosmetics where the black people trying to support me??? my hair formulas are designed for black hair--thats where all the black jobs are --no support from each other feel me?? so how do you get black people to use natural products--to sale the customer has to see the worth in what you selling--how do you get a black person to understand that $5-$6 is worth it for a bar of soap???" - MYRA FOX

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